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The iTunes software that uploads music and photos is included when you buy any iPod. The software is called iTunes, and has often been likened to a jukebox. It will play, store and organise all the digital music and video files on your iPod. Another feature of iTunes is it can connect to the iTunes Music Store, where you can purchase music files to play on your iPod.

Even though iTunes has been developed by Apple it's not only compatible with the Mac OS X operating system. iTunes will work with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 operating systems. Since version 3 iTunes will no longer work with Mac OS 9, or Windows 98 or ME. iTunes is also freely downloadable on the web.When you get your iPod, you’ll want to start transferring songs to your iPod. This starts with your computer and iTunes.

You will need to install iTunes on your computer, you can do this be using the CD that came with your iPod, or the url link below. Then, you can buy songs from the iTunes music store, or import CDs to your iTunes music library. Then all you need to do is connect your iPod to your computer. The iTunes software will then automatically transfer the music to your iPod. iTunes is setup to automatically update your iPod with the new songs you have downloaded.

After you’ve transferred the music from iTunes to your iPod, you can then use the Click Wheel to browse through your music by playlist, song, artist, album, or genre. With iTunes you can also create playlists, where you group songs from different albums and artists into a mix tape. It's fairly easy to create playlists with common themes or moods, and you can use these for any occasion, like at a party. It's become common for celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio to DJ at LA clubs from the playlists on their iPod.

The latest iTunes feature is 'Genius'. It's a system which builds the perfect playlist. How does it work?, first you play a song, then you press the Genius button and it will match the song with suitable other songs from your database of music files.

Download iTunes - http://www.apple.com/itunes/



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